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More worries for you now because I'm here for you
Help. Do you know that a lot of people in
The world want to carry out a lot of projects that can create
Thousands of jobs? But do not have the financial means to
Their project. I think I'll help you with quick funding
And reliable.I have a capital that will be used to grant loans
The short and long term, ranging from 5,000 to 5,000,000 €
Serious person wanting this loan. 2%
Of interest the year according to the sum lent because being particular I do not want
Violate the law on usury. You can repay over 5 to 25 years
Maximum depending on the amount lent. It is up to you to see for the
Monthly payments. I am only asking
Recognition of handwritten certified debt and also some
Parts to be supplied

Contact us only by email: andreguyot991@gmail.com

Байршил    Архангай Гүйлт    150.001-160.000 км
Төрөл    Хөргөгчтэй Хөдөлгүүрийн багтаамж    5.001 – 6.000 cc
Үйлдвэрлэсэн улс    Европ Даац    3.6 - 5 тн
Үйлдвэрлэсэн он    1997 он Хөтлөгч    Хойноо (RWD)
Орж ирсэн он    2003 он Нөхцөл    Орж ирсэн
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